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What is fun, immersive and follows the traditional rules of roulette for unlimited fun? That’s Live French Auto Roulette! Feel free to play and have fun!

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About French Auto Roulette

There are some days when you want to play Roulette as in a real casino, right? Well, Aspers Moments leads you to the destination where you can enjoy Live French Auto Roulette… Why this game? Because it is one of the most enjoyed games! Enjoy the luxurious table game by NetEnt on any device of your choice. It comprises of high-quality graphics and gameplay that will leave any fan of roulette rooted to their seats, for sure! Be ready to give it a go. Who knows, you might be a great winner and be sharing your moment at Aspers Moments!

Experience OF Live French Auto Roulette On Mobile

Looking for some immersive gameplay? NetEnt will thrill your senses with the graphics and ambience of the game. Live French Auto Roulette features high-quality sensory details. With your headphones on, you will be in the heart of the thrill!

Betting Options

Go for the classic Roulette bets on Live French Auto Roulette. You will get to choose between a range of chip values and the option to select between Inside and Outside Bets. Inside bets include Straight Bets, Split Bets and Corner Bets and many more.

As for Outside Bets, you will find Odds or Even, Red or White, Columns, Dozens and others! You can also use the Racetrack Bets to wager on numbers as they are on the Roulette Wheel!

Bonus Rounds Of Live French Auto Roulette

Live French Auto Roulette features the classic French Roulette Gameplay. After the bets are placed, the roulette wheel is launched. Since this one is an Auto version, there is no Croupier to turn the wheel. The roulette ball is hurled in the wheel. At the end of the spin, the number pocket that houses the roulette ball emerges as the winner. All bets that include the winning number are awarded wins as per the pay table.

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If you are looking for some quality games, then they are always available at Aspers Casino Online. Play Live French Auto Roulette in the comfort of your home and enjoy other equally entertaining games. These include Live Immersive Roulette, Live Auto Roulette – Evolution and Live Lighting Roulette – Evolution. These games bring forward loads of thrill!

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