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It is time to enjoy the 21-number game with a touch of splendour! After all, a grandiose gameplay might unfold on Live Blackjack Grand VIP!


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About Live Blackjack Grand VIP

Discover a new variant of Blackjack on Live Blackjack Grand VIP! This game is a creation of Evolution Gaming. It allows you to enjoy a classy environment created in a live studio where you are greeted by a friendly and professional dealer seated at a Blackjack table. As you play on, you can see different card values. For example, numbered cards from 2 to 10 are counted as per their numerical value. Face cards like King, Queen and Jack have a value of 10, whereas an Ace has a value of 1 or 11, depending on the requirements. Take a seat at the table and be prepared for lots of fun!

Experience of Live Blackjack Grand VIP on Mobile

Feel the magic of Live Blackjack Grand VIP on the go, as the game can adjust to any kind of device. So, you can launch it on any mobile phone or tablet without worrying about its features not showing up. Let yourself be immersed into the superb graphics and posh environment anytime and anywhere!

Betting Options

Would you like to enjoy Live Blackjack Grand VIP? Start by taking your seat at the table by clicking on “Sit Here”. You can then select any of the following chip values; 1, 5, 25, 100, 500 or 1000. Click on one of the chips to make your selection and tap on any of the betting spots on the table to place your bet. You can wager between £0.10 and £1000. Different options are at your disposal such as Double, Repeat or Undo. Once your bet is placed, the dealer starts dealing face-up cards to you and other players. Each player gets 2 face-up cards, while the dealer receives 1 face-up and 1 face-down card.

During your game on Live Blackjack Grand VIP, you can undertake several actions, such as:

  • Hit: A Hit means requesting for an additional
  • Stand: It means keeping the cards dealt to you without taking additional ones.
  • Double Down: It means doubling your bet.
  • Split: If you have the same values for your first 2 cards, you can Split them into 2 separate hands. However, after splitting, doubling down is not allowed.

Bonus Rounds of Live Blackjack Grand VIP

Live Blackjack Grand VIP is packed with side bets as well. It comes with the 21+3 side bet which consists of examining a player’s 2 cards and the dealer face-up one. As for Perfect Pairs, it provides you with a choice to place a different bet on pairs. There are 3 types of pairs:

  • Perfect Pair: It consists of matched suits, that is 9 Spade – 9 Spade or Ace Heart – Ace Heart.
  • Coloured Pair: It consists of matched colours, such as 7 Spade – 7 Clubs, Queen Heart – Queen Diamond.
  • Mixed Pair: It consists of matched ranks, like 6 Spade – 6 Diamond, King Club – King Heart.

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